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Additional Expenses?

When starting private instrumental instruction on violin or viola, most parents and students expect to have to invest (either by purchasing or renting) in an instrument, a bow and a case. Most understand that a purchase of sheet music and repertoire books are probably also necessary. However, there are additional expenses, both up front and […]

Violin Shopping!

Ok, so you’re ready to purchase a violin! Great! This is an exciting time with the anticipation of having an instrument all your own, that you’ve picked out, and that you love!  However, the process can quickly become overwhelming and discouraging. So, to keep this experience positive I wanted to give you a few guidelines. First, […]

Picking a Violin Bow

I was at The Loft Violin Shop yesterday in Columbus OH buying a new shoulder rest and getting the grip replaced on my bow. While I waited for my bow I was hanging out in the lobby entertaining myself by watching all the different customers that came into the shop. A conversation between one of the salesmen […]