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The Beginning Violinist Video Series: Tiger Dance – a song on the D-string

The Beginning Violinist Video Series takes viewers through The Beginning Violinist: A Companion Book for Children and Adults. Viewers will see how the repertoire included in this book helps introduce notes and rhythm in an easy and effective way. The newest video in this series introduces Tiger Dance – a song on the D-string. The […]

The Beginning Violinist 2015 Video Series – Cat Walk (a song on the A-string)

  After introducing the notes by string The Beginning Violinist: A Companion Book for Children and Adults has a section called Songs on One String that provide a song for each string to solidify note reading and intonation. Click the link below to watch a short tutorial on the pedagogical techniques included in Cat Walk and […]

Is Suzuki a Fraud?

This article has quickly become a hot topic in the world of violin pedagogy: I have never been a huge fan of the Suzuki Method as it has been applied in the US (which is one reason I felt the need to develop some of my own material, However, I have always thought […]

Beginning Strings: A Better Start

Website: Thank you to those who have responded with interest to my new book, The Beginning Violinist: A Companion Book for Children and Adults. If you’re interested in further information on the book including a look at what’s inside, reviews from parents and students, or purchasing information please check out Article: You may also be interested in the […]

The Beginning Violinist – book completed!

I am happy to announce that my book, The Beginning Violinist, is now complete! I am very excited to offer this material to you since it has been so helpful to me in working with my own students. This book is meant to be used in conjunction with the method books and materials you currently use […]