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The Value of Teaching Open String Songs

The Beginning Violinist: A Companion Book for Children and Adults starts out with Open String Songs. I wanted to briefly give you some of the benefits of using Open String Songs with your students!   1) Open String Songs help students more quickly understand where notes are located on the fingerboard.   Students of any […]

New Beginning Violin Book

I am excited to announce that the beginning violin book that I have been working on with my husband (composer Dr. Benjamin Williams) is almost complete! This book has been several years in the making and is meant to be a companion book to the many beginning violin method books already available on the market. […]

Are Computers Composers?

Emily Howell, a computer program created to compose contemporary classical music has been given full status as a composer by “her” creator. However, there has been much controversy surrounding whether or not her compositions are really music, and whether or not they should be performed. Check out the article: While many interesting issues are raised in […]