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The Most Significant Part of Learning and Teaching Music

This question was posed to me recently: “What in your experience has defined the most significant part of learning and teaching music?”   What a broad, but also important question to ask ourselves as teachers! There are probably many things that we consider important in our role as teacher, and many things we consider it […]

The Value of Teaching Open String Songs

The Beginning Violinist: A Companion Book for Children and Adults starts out with Open String Songs. I wanted to briefly give you some of the benefits of using Open String Songs with your students!   1) Open String Songs help students more quickly understand where notes are located on the fingerboard.   Students of any […]

Teaching and World View

The World View of the Christian As a Christian my world view is founded on the Bible and my faith in God. I like to integrate my faith into my teaching, especially with those students who I know share my faith in God or who are being brought up in this faith at home. I […]

What Can We Expect from College Music Grads?

The answer to this question is – It all depends, “Depends on what,” you might ask? Well, it largely depends on the school from which you graduate, the degree requirements, your particular major, etc. This is normal and to be expected. We are also all different people with different skill sets. Universities do not put out little […]