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January is the perfect time to target those children (or adults!) who received a new violin for Christmas, or maybe inspire those individuals who have made a New Year’s resolution to dust off that old violin in the closet and get some lessons!

I’m positive that you will find new and creative ways to fill up your studio in 2016 with Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers by Bree Lewis. I recently read and reviewed this book and was impressed with the variety of different strategies included; online marketing ideas, community networking strategies and ways you can be more effective in the things you already do to get more students. I hope you find this book to be as useful as I did!

Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers by Bree Lewis

Reviewed by Violinist, Teacher and Pedagogue, Emily Williams

In her book, Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers, Bree Lewis starts off helping readers define their ideal student so teachers can target the type of students they want to teach. Throughout the book, Bree’s Take Action Now exercises help teachers customize her marketing strategies to best match their values and community. Readers will find over 80 thoughtful ways to advertise their business. With so many ideas there is bound to be something new, original or inspiring for any teacher, even those with long established studios.

The book is attractively organized in concise paragraphs, with clear titles and explanations. Readers can read straight through the material, or can easily browse or skim the book and find what advertising suggestions fit them the best.

Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers is a book that could easily become any teacher’s go-to manual for years to come. Readers are provided with marketing solutions that are easily implemented with a click of the mouse, as well as those that take more time and thought. Whether discussing online marketing, personal connections or community involvement, Bree provides ample information to implement her ideas.

For those both new to Bree and those with a long standing appreciation of her work, Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers is bound to provide every teacher with at least one creative new way to market and find new students!

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Emily Williams is the creator of Strategic Strings: An Online Course for Violin and Viola Teachers

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